Summons Service

A court summons is a legal notice that informs and notifies an individual about a lawsuit levied against them. This is the first notice the defendant receive and normally includes a court date in which the individual must appear for a hearing.

Guidelines regarding court summons delivery vary in different jurisdictions. Therefore, this article serves as a general overview concerning this procedure and what you can expect. The summons service process also differs depending on the type of summons served.

Summons service possesses numerous ways to serve a summons including postal mail, personal service, and service through publication.

The primary method most individuals think of when considering serving a summons is personal service. This means the personal, physical delivery of the summons and complaint document to the defending individual.

Local jurisdictions may impose restrictions on who is eligible to serve another individual with court papers. These restrictions also vary depending on whether the case concerns civil or criminal implications filed with the court.

An alternative method to serve a summons is through postal mail. Some areas do not permit this method. Nonetheless, proper service summons delivered through registered mail may provide the plaintiff with a verifiable written record or affidavit of service. The defendant must provide a signature in order to receive the letter.

Service by publication serves as a last resort method and is not permitted in all areas. In the event that a defendant is not located or does not respond to the aforementioned methods, a judge may allow the plaintiff to post an ad in the legal notices area of the local newspaper.

This ad publishes the summons, and one a specified time period elapses, the defendant is considered served. As a result, the case proceeds with or without the defendant, often leading to a default judgment.

On Time Summons Delivery

Lightning Legal Courier & Process servers wield over twenty years of experience in delivering a court summons. Our team is skilled at overseeing that each service is carried out correctly and efficiently.

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If you experience difficulty with delivering a summons, Lightning Legal Courier & Process Servers can assist you in serving your summons. We get the job done for you regardless if you fear for your safety after filing a complaint, as well as delivering the summons to the door, or don’t know the location of the defendant.

As a leading legal process service in the Miami Dade County area, our goal is to serve every summons within 24 hours of receipt anywhere it needs delivery. We can additionally extend this commitment to excellence on a national level, should the need arise.

Summons service is an essential component regarding due process in the United States. It is often difficult for many individuals to locate the defendant. These circumstances often require substantial investigation to ensure that the proper legal documents get properly served.

It is not unusual that a defendant knows that this is coming, and assume they can hide to avoid court summons service. However, a qualified investigatory entity can locate this individual. Lightning Legal Courier & Process Servers specializes in difficult summons and process services. We will serve the necessary documentation in a timely fashion.

Lightning Legal Courier & Process Servers is dedicated to ensuring your firm receives the service you deserve. Our team takes care of the leg-work enabling you to focus on what truly matters to your legal practice, your clients.

South Florida Professional Summons Delivery

Serving a summons can often develop into a challenging task. This is especially true when a defendant expects the delivery of this notification’s delivery. Under these circumstances, the individuals will actively avoid their court summons service.

Sending a summons via mail is unreliable as a defendant can claim they never received the documentation. The safest way to deliver your summons is enlisting an expert process server to hand the papers to the defendant in person.

Our team is knowledgeable about how to skillfully serve a problematic individual. We can handle the situation when a person continues to avoid court summons service.

At Lightning Legal & Process Servers, we diligently work to stay on the cutting-edge. We ensure that our clients additionally stay up-to-date with all pertinent information regarding their serve and immediate notification upon completion.

An experienced process server is knowledgeable of courtrooms and administration buildings, furthermore ensuring a swift, timely delivery of your summons or other documentation when necessary.

They must also ensure they follow all applicable laws in the jurisdiction concerning summons service and pertaining to the service of legal papers. Lightning Legal assures every one of our customers that we follow all imposed jurisdictional regulations regardless of the area of service. Additionally, we obtain an affidavit of service, proving service completion every time.

We not only provide the fastest summons service available anywhere but additionally a leading service concerning affordability. Lightning Legal Courier & Process servicers represent the fastest and most affordable summons service available in the United States.

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