Summons Service

A court summons is a legal notice used to notify an individual about a lawsuit being made against them. This is the first notice the defendant receives and usually includes a date in which the individual must appear in court for a hearing. It is crucial that a summons is properly delivered and follows local regulations. The best way to ensure a smooth delivery process is by utilizing a legal courier.

On Time Summon Delivery

Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers has over twenty years of experience in delivering court summons. Our team is skilled in overseeing that each service is carried out correctly and efficiently. Worried that your summon will not be delivered on time? Put your mind at ease and work with a group of professionals who provide lighting fast delivery to each and every client.

South Florida Professional Summon Delivery

Serving a summons can often times become a challenging task. The defendant may be expecting this notification to be delivered and actively avoid being served. Sending a summons via mail can be unreliable, as a defendant can claim that they never received it. The safest way to have your summons delivered is by having an expert server hand them to the defendant in person. We are knowledgeable in how to skillfully serve a problematic individual and can handle the situation if the person continues to avoid their serving.

If you need a court summon delivery contact our professionals in South Florida now and call Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers at (786) 286-4167 or click here for more contact information.