The Good vs. the Best Process Servers in Coral Gables

Many clients tell us that finding excellent process servers in Coral Gables on the internet is easy. However, finding the best process servers in Coral Gables is a vastly different experience. Although delivering legal documentation may not always pose difficulty, it is the contrary situations where you can separate the good vs. the best process servers in Coral Gables.

Nevertheless, you may not ever know the difference if you don’t hire a quality process server. At Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers our team is comprised of expert process servers trained and specializing in difficult serves.

Our professionals separate themselves from the ordinary process serving team by swiftly and efficiently handling difficult situations. Receiving papers from a process server is a pleasant experience for no one. For this reason, when our servers deal with a behaved individual, they treat them with respect while successfully completing the serve.

However, not every serve demonstrates such ease. When our servers deal with an unruly defendant, they can handle these situations in a professional manner. If the documents originated from your firm in this situation, would you want a server who lacks professionalism as an archetype for your interests?

Reasons to Select Lightning Legal Couriers and Process Servers for your Needs

Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers possesses over 20 years of combined experience in the legal courier and process serving field. We focus on offering clients comprehensive services centered on litigation support.

Your friends from Lightning Legal want to help you by providing some information on what sets us apart from the typical process serving company. Our team is comprised of the best process servers in Coral Gables. Here is why:

Accurate Service

In the legal field, the accuracy of service is vital while handling any legal matter. Our team will properly impart our wide scope of legal services while according to local laws and regulations. We additionally represent your practice in a way that is befitting of its guidelines and standards. This helps us maintain professionalism and ensures accuracy in any legal service.

Inexpensive Provisions

Lightning Legal not only provides the fastest service available, but our prices represent the cheapest you can find almost anywhere. Our services impart no hidden costs or fees, and we operate with translucency for any client under any circumstances.

Personalized Focus

The Lightning Legal team focuses on offering personal attention and care in any situation. We put this personalization into action while meeting each individual client’s unique needs. No matter if our clients need process service, courier service, court filing, or investigatory services, we ensure that we offer exceptional customer service to every client.

Field Ingenuity

Our firm represents a leading provider of legal services within the South Florida community. We find the best possible, customized way to ensure that our customers achieve their goals. The only thing we like more than providing our preeminent, innovative services, is playing a positive role in our clients’ successes.

Don’t Bother Avoiding Process Servers

Numerous individuals feel they can avoid a lawsuit entirely by avoiding the process server. This is likely due to a legal proceeding’s inability to progress without a defendant receiving proper notice. However, plentiful as they are, these individuals are wrong.

The legal system knows these tricks all too well, implementing provisions specifically for these difficult to serve defendants. Simply because an individual avoids a process server, does not mean that they cannot still receive papers, as well as endure a lawsuit. This just means that the plaintiff in the case must opt for the next plan in their arsenal.

Additionally, some people wield misconceptions about personal service as well. Some believe that a process server must touch the papers to them, or they need to sign a receipt. Nonetheless, this is, for the most part, completely wrong. Once a server says “you’ve been served” and drops the papers in front of you, there is nothing you can do to stop it. This means you were served.

Avoiding the best process servers in Coral Gables is essentially a waste of time in addition to effort. You may delay the lawsuit, but there is no stopping the legal machine when a lawsuit is in progress.

The Best Process Servers in Coral Gables from Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers

At Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers, our team wields over 20 years of combined experience in the process serving, and legal services fields. Our home base is located in the South Florida area. However, we can extend these services to a statewide or national level when a client’s needs arise.

Our services include trial services, courier service, process serving, as well as corporate legal services. Lightning Legal will serve subpoenas, summons, citations, and complaints. We additionally operate as couriers filing court documents on a client’s behalf.

The “Lightning” in Lightning Legal means far more to us than simply just a moniker. We look at the situation as more a reflection of the lightning-fast legal services that we offer our clients. On every serve, we will provide you with an affidavit of service. This document is proof that we completed a serve swiftly, efficiently, and accurately to the right individual or entity.

For more information on the best process servers in Coral Gables from Lightning Legal, contact our professional staff today. We can help you further your case, hopefully, obtaining a positive outcome in court.