Welcome to Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers, we have over 20 years of expertise
Welcome to Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers, we have over 20 years of expertise

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Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers is the quick and dependable courier company you have been searching for. We offer assistance in all areas concerning courier, process servers, trial, as well as corporate services.Our streamlined approach makes it easy for our customers to cover all their bases in one convenient place.

Lightning Legal process servers represent the best professional process services in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and also Palm Beach.

If you need services that surpass the local area, we additionally extend these services to accommodate and serve national clients with the same degree of commitment and excellence.

Experienced in the Legal Courier Field

Backed by over 20 years of experience, our professionals demonstrate extensive seasoning the legal courier field. We pride ourselves in overseeing that each and every interaction with our clients is handled courteously and efficiently.

Our team recognizes the importance of a professional presentation. We go the extra mile to ensure that our services reflect our clients in a positive light. After experience our expertise first-hand, we build and maintain long-lasting relationships with many of our loyal clients.

Our dedicated team constantly strives towards meeting the three pillars our company is built on Reliability, Excellence, and Efficiency. With these factors in mind, we can achieve complete customer satisfaction.

The attention to service and detail makes us an industry leader throughout the South Florida area, as well as the entire state of Florida. Our service to our clients is complete, and our goal is to provide you with excellent, reliable, quality investigations both swiftly and efficiently.

Lightning Legal Same-day Service

The moniker “Lightning Legal” in Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers is far more to us than just a name. It is a reflection of the speed and efficiency of the services we provide.

Our same day service is one of the quickest and most affordable options anywhere in South Florida. If we receive your documents by 11 AM, we will deliver them the same day, guaranteed! All documents processed after 11 AM, we take care of on the following business day.

For your convenience, you can keep track of all deliveries and pickups online, and via email. You will never need to worry about the status of your delivery ever again with our simple, and stress-free system.

Process Services

With our extensive experience in the area of process serving for over twenty years in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, as well as Palm Beach, no other process servers in the area can compete with our lightning-fast delivery and dedication.

When you need a process server to distribute your legal documentation, it is important to find a professional or team that is bolstered by hands-on experience and knowledge. Lightning Legal Process Servers represent the fastest and most efficient team anywhere in South Florida.

Our team also provides our subpoena services to clients in the South Florida area. We know precisely what is necessary to ensure a smooth and problem-free completion. When you hire Lightning Legal, you gain an extensive amount of security and rest assured that your subpoena is handled capably.

United States citizens possess the right to notification regarding summons. Process servers dedicate themselves to this cause and dually fulfill this right by ensuring any party is correctly notified of existing subpoenas issued against them.

Contrary to traditional methods, working with a qualified process server certifies that your documentation is deal with punctually. We ensure that you receive an affidavit of completion on every delivery.

This lets you know that your documentation was not only delivered but delivered on time and to the correct individual. The affidavit of service also lets you leave the process serving work to us while you focus on what is most important to your practice; the clients.

Trusting Process Servers

Lightning Legal & Process Servers makes is exceptionally easy for you to keep track of your subpoena. We stay in contact with all of our clients in order to keep them informed of the status of their documents, and also notify them when everything is complete.

We do not sit on our papers and ensure that there is no delay when we receive a delivery. There is also never a situation where our team is unavailable for contact during the delivery process. You will never need to track down one of our deliveries, or wonder what is going on with the status of your documents.

With so many process servers appearing in the industry without adequate knowledge or experience, it is crucial to carefully select who you entrust. We staunchly believe in keeping our clients updated each step of the way while providing some piece of mind.

Your legal practice and its clients deserve this security and reassurance that Lightning Legal & Process Servers can guarantee. In the legal field, timeliness and professionalism are so important. These tenets can often mean the difference between a successful outcome, or a dismissal of a case.

We understand this as well as anyone. Every interaction, every delivery that involves our company is a representation in addition to a reflection of our clients’ best interests. We maintain a great sense of pride as an integral part of their success. We also look forward to working in harmony with you, and hope to represent a part of your success as well!

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