Garnishment Service

After settling a garnishment in court, it is wise to contact a capable legal server to deliver the Writ of Garnishment to the defendant. By utilizing garnishment services, you can save tons of precious time. Not to mention, an expert can offer hands on experience and skills you may not otherwise have the access to.

Serving a Garnishment Process

Individuals often fight against garnishing, as it intercepts a portion of their income. This can be a drastic blow to the individual’s funds. Understandably, serving this documentation can be challenging. By allowing our experienced team at Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers to handle the situation, the whole process becomes much more simple. We deal with the complications and keep you updated so that you can focus your time on assisting your clients.
A garnishment may be issued for various reasons. In the past, we have served garnishments in order to collect:

  • Child Support
  • Alimony
  • Money Judgments
  • Loans
  • Rent
  • Creditor Obligations

Serving a Garnishment in South Florida

Depending on where you are located, the process of serving a garnishment may vary. The state of Florida has certain specifications servers must follow, all of which our professionals at Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers are well versed in. No matter what area we are serving in, we take the time to investigate exactly what is needed by law. This saves our customers the headache of having to deal with issues concerning their clients further down the line.

Our professionals in South Florida can help you handle your Garnishment situation, call Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers at (786) 286-4167 or click here for more contact information.