A Process Server is Ideal for Serving an Eviction Notice

Landlords can experience many substantial benefits by enlisting a process server to handle their eviction notice delivery. A three-day eviction notice provides a tenant with a warning that they must either pay past due rent or choose to vacate the premises. In situations where a landlord feels that a tenant is a nuisance due to agreement notification, they can enlist a professional to serve notice as well.

If a tenant elects not to pay or vacate, the landlord may then continue with court proceedings as a part of the evictions process in Pinecrest. This part of the procedure is accompanied by legal backing to evict a tenant formally. Improper notice of the evictions process in Pinecrest could work to the benefit of the tenant while endangering the landlord’s evictions attempt.

While every jurisdiction provides its own rules and regulations concerning evictions, it is important to remain educated on these laws so a landlord can ensure they act legally. Anyone over the age of 18 can legally serve a three-day eviction notice to the tenant. However, a professional process server can offer many additional benefits to the evictions process in Pinecrest that may not immediately seem apparent.

Process Server Costs

The success of an evictions process in Pinecrest will depend on a tenant receiving proper service. Process servers wield training and education on how they can serve process swiftly and efficiently. Although a process server will charge a fee for their services, getting it done right the first time may save thousands of dollars in legal fees.

In any scenario where a tenant enlists a lawyer, they may discover that the landlord served the eviction notice improperly. A court could then find the landlord responsible for any of the tenant’s attorney fees, and the proprietor could even lose their right to the property involved in the case.

When you consider this situation, choosing to pay a process server’s fee seems like a minute expenditure to mitigate any risk of spending extra money to fight a case in court.

Process Server Experience and Knowledge

Experienced process servers stay up to date on state and jurisdictional laws. However, if a landlord enlists another individual to serve process, or attempts to serve the tenant themselves, they may remain unaware of the current nuances of the laws that regular evictions in their area.

The landlord may involve themselves in a situation where a non-professional jeopardizes the efficiency regarding their eviction service. If the person does not follow the necessary guidelines, this could result in disastrous consequences.

Professional process servers choose this field as their profession and even livelihood. For this reason, they ensure that they remain completely informed about any regulatory changes concerning process serving, including eviction notices. Professional process server associations even provide continued education classes to keep servers up to speed in the profession.

Proof or Affidavit of Service

A professional process server will offer additional evidence that demonstrates when, how, and where they served the tenant with the eviction notice. They can accomplish this by providing a notarized document called an “Affidavit of Service.” This proof is crucial in any court proceeding as it can help avoid conflict regarding whether or not the process server complete service properly.

This document reflects how the process server completed the task, when it occurred, and where they served the targeted individual. The process server will sign the Affidavit of Service, and will also require that the tenant signs the document as well.

Some modern process servers even utilize GPS technology. This can offer a date and time stamp, in addition to GPD coordinates that show their client exactly when and where they completed the serve. Some also include pictures or video of the service as well. Unfortunately, when a landlord enlists a non-professional server, they don’t know to perform this or wield access to the necessary resources.

The Evictions Process in Pinecrest with Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers

When landlords need an eviction notice served, employing the services of a qualified process server can offer them peace of mind, as well as proof that service was completed. For this reason, a professional process server like a team member from Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers is the ideal solution when dealing with the evictions process in Pinecrest.

With the rental market exploding in many areas of South Florida, landlords require the services of professional process servers like our team. We remain updated on any city, county, and state housing ordinance modifications.

Although we charge a fee for our service, we handle evictions issues with the utmost of professionalism and care. Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers view these issues the same as “service of process.” This means taking the time to locate and efficiently serve an individual before providing an Affidavit of Service upon completion.

Our team focuses on ensuring we get the job done right as an advocate on your behalf. It doesn’t matter if you represent a law firm needing documents delivered to the courts by a certain time, or landlord dealing with an unsavory tenant, we treat every service with professionalism and the care it deserves.

For more information on how Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers can help you with the evictions process in Pinecrest, contact our dedicated and professional team today!