Eviction Service

When dealing with their tenants, landlords are often faced with various situations in which they are forced to take legal action. Among the most common of these are evictions. A landlord may decide to evict a tenant if the individual has:

  • Violated terms of their lease
  • Failed to pay rent
  • Engaged in illegal activity on the premises
  • Made serious damage to the property

Evictions Process

Don’t handle your evictions on your own. Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers is here to provide the best eviction serving solutions in the area. Our expert team can make the eviction process easier on you in a variety of ways. Once you have made the decision to evict a tenant, you will need to provide a written notice. Depending on the reason for eviction, your local courts may require different regulations. We will assist in determining our role as your process server and ensure every need is met.

Notice to Vacate

Failing to provide your tenants with a written notice of proceedings could cause major damage to your case or even result in a lawsuit. It is crucial that as a landlord you are aware of proper eviction proceedings and cover all your bases. By working with a process server, you can avoid creating complications for yourself in the long run. Not to mention, utilizing our services will display professionalism and completely ensure that the party involved personally receives the notice.

Let us help you handle your eviction situation with our professional tenant eviction service in South Florida now and call Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers at (786) 286-4167 or click here for more contact information.