South Florida Wage Garnishment – Where a Process Server Comes into Play

Juggling bills, payments, and various other financial obligations is not easy. In fact, this is a stressful issue for most Americans. Unfortunately, it remains common for well-meaning individuals to fall behind and into debt, effectively losing their ability to pay off lenders and creditors.

Lenders possess numerous different ways they can pursue debt resolution, some more aggressive than others. Garnishment service in Coral Gables is one method that can impose serious implications for South Florida debtors.

This involves wage garnishment, a process where a creditor recollects a judgment debt through an individual’s employee compensation. The garnishment process most commonly takes place as a result of a court order. Garnishments can take place because of, but are not limited to the following:

  • Child support
  • Court and arbitration judgments and rewards
  • Defaults on student loans
  • Alimony payments
  • Taxes and fines

It is crucial to the process that judgment winners serve orders on a debtor’s employer so they can claim wages as a part of the payroll process. This is where a professional process serving team like ours from Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers can help.

A process server can alleviate stressors and hassles related to serving garnishment service in Coral Gables. As experts in dealing with sensitive situations, process serving teams resolve garnishment issues quickly and reliably.

Levying Bank Accounts and Garnishing Wages

Wage garnishment is a tricky process. However, if someone owes money to a lender, they can impose a garnishment in order to obtain their reimbursement. Similarly, creditors may also administer a bank levy with a court order. This seizes the debtor’s bank account to satisfy the judgment debt.

A lender does not even need a debtor’s bank account number in order to take the funds that are rightfully theirs. All they need is the name of the bank or credit union where the debtor stores their funds. A professional process server like Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers can determine and provide this information.

Nonetheless, wage garnishment remains the more common, aggressive option to help creditors satisfy a judgment debt. This process requires a significant amount of post-judgment research and due diligence prior to beginning garnishing wages.

After filing documents with the Clerk of Court, they will distribute the documents to a process serving provider, or the local sheriff’s office. This enables these resources to then serve a debtor’s employer with an Income Deduction Order. The employer has 30 days to respond.

Is Garnishment Service in Coral Gables the Best Solution?

A threat of wage garnishment often incites debtors to make arrangements with a lender to pay off judgments. This largely due to debtors wanting to avoid the embarrassment and inconvenience that accompanies garnishment service in Coral Gables and salary reductions.

Federal law bars employers from firing their employees going through wage garnishment as a result of singular judgments. However, no law appears that prevents employers from letting employees go due to multiple garnishments that originate from different judgments. Papers served on a boss will hardly win a debtor any brownie points at work either.

Unfortunately, this also means that wage garnishment could produce counterintuitive effects of what the creditor wants. It may even push a debtor to quit a job or file for bankruptcy.

Choosing to garnish wages means walking a fine line between debt repayment and closing off the potential for collection. For this reason, any lender seeking garnishment service in Coral Gables must take care to note all of the possibilities, handling the situation as professionally as possible.

Information on Garnishment Service in Coral Gables from Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers

Once a creditor decides to go through with garnishment service in Coral Gables, a process server can offer a crucial tool they can rely on to handle serving papers. These specialists possess the technology and skills to help creditors obtain the information they need for an optimal resolution.

Our team from Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers ensures that all documents arrive at a debtor’s bank or employer swiftly and efficiently, understanding the urgency in all matters like these.

After initiating wage garnishment, the process generally continues until stopped due to a court order or the debtor pays their debt in full. The best course of action is often remaining proactive and working towards resolving the situation swiftly and efficiently.

To learn more about garnishment service and the provisions a process server can offer in the South Florida area, contact our team today!

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