​Injunctions Prohibiting Harassment in Coconut GroveFlorida Injunctions Against Harassment

Harassment and stalking go hand in hand in the State of Florida. These are not two separate offenses in Florida. However, harassment represents one activity that can constitute a stalking crime. This means harassment serves as an activity that the legal system relies upon to prove that a stalking crime took place.

Florida law makes stalking a misdemeanor of the 1st degree. This means the crime remains punishable by imprisonment of up to one year, as well as a fine of up to $1,000.

Nonetheless, stalking doesn’t necessarily involve following an individual through their neighborhood or lurking in the shadows outside of their home. When victims experience emotional distress as a result of these crimes, the legal system serves to protect them.

The courts may grant injunctions prohibiting harassment in Coconut Grove against harassment and stalking with the right credible evidence. If they grant the injunction, the harasser must receive notification of this legal action.

This is not a situation that a plaintiff in a harassment and stalking case can take on for themselves. An official representative (i.e. a process server) will serve the injunction notification and other papers on the defendant. This is where a professional and dedicated team like Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers remains an ideal solution.

Wielding unique skills and techniques to properly serve targeted subjects, a professional license process server is the preeminent resource when a victim of harassment must notify a defendant of injunctions prohibiting harassment in Coconut Grove. Read on to learn more!

Attaining the Injunction

Any petition for an injunction against stalking or harassment must appear in writing. It must also outline past actions regarding the harassment that occurred, as well as threats that reflected the likeliness of harassment occurring.

Harassment and stalking in Florida remain defined as a repeated, malicious pattern of harassment that serves no legitimate purpose while also resulting in significant emotional distress.

Harassment additionally includes various actions under Florida statutes. This might incorporate issuing threats, destroying property, intentionally harming pets, and numerous other issues.

The harassment victim, or a parent or legal guardian of a minor child can file for injunctions prohibiting harassment in Coconut Grove. They may file the injunction against anyone stalking them regardless of the relationship with the victim.

When filing an injunction with the court, the defendant must be notified of the legal action taking place against them as a part of the due process of the law

In some scenarios, a process server must track down an individual that does not want to be found. The good news is that professional servers wield investigative skills, specializing in tracking down these difficult to find individuals.

A team like Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers may provide investigative insights that they attain from services like surveillance, as well as skip tracing, proving invaluable to the progression and outcome of a harassment or stalking case.

Why Choose a Licensed Process Server?

A few uninvolved parties to a harassment case can file papers on a targeted individual. Although many choose to rely on the legal services of a court or law enforcement officer, a professional process server provides numerous distinct benefits to the case’s progression and a positive outcome.

It is not an inherently bad idea to enlist someone like a county sheriff to serve papers on a defendant in a harassment case. Unfortunately, in harassment and stalking actions, time remains of the essence. Many times, these individuals remain dangerous, and the victim cannot return home or waste any more time delaying an injunction.

Sheriffs and deputies divide their time between protecting the peace, investigating cases, making arrests and booking, as well as things like serving papers, issuing tickets, etc. It is entirely understandable that if they cannot locate a target on the first try, it may fall lower down their list of priorities.

With a professional process server like Lightning Legal, these process servers dedicate their time and careers to serving papers and assisting legal teams with their cases. This means that they act on the behalf of attorneys, as well as their clients, to ensure they get the job done right in a timely, accurate fashion.

Serving Injunctions Prohibiting Harassment in Coconut Grove with Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers

​Injunctions Prohibiting Harassment in Coconut GroveWhen you need to serve injunctions prohibiting harassment in Coconut Grove, there is no time to waste. Enlist a professional, licensed process server to ensure they get the job done right and in a timely fashion. To learn more, contact our team from Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers today!

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