Injunctions Prohibiting Harassment in Coral Gables

Harassment Injunctions in Florida

Harassment and stalking go hand in hand. This is a form of violence that remains characterized by patterns of malicious and willful behavior that takes place over time. Harassment may occur between any two parties. Nonetheless, this situation remains most common amongst estranged spouses and partners.

Victims of stalking, as well as harassment, may seek injunctions prohibiting harassment in Coral Gables. However, the claim is only viable when the victim can provide credible evidence to the court that outlines and demonstrates these patterns of harassment.

In these situations, it takes time for respondents to receive their papers, served with a temporary injunction. Emotions can remain high, with victims continuing to feel the fear and dread associated with a violent situation, as well as the perceived potential for future violence.

For this reason, our team from Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers wants to outline some information on process servers as a crucial component in stalking and harassment cases. Read on to learn more about process servers and injunctions prohibiting harassment in Coral Gables.

Injunctions Deterring and Preventing Stalking and Harassment

Harassment means engaging in actions and conduct directed at specific individuals that causes substantial emotional distress. Credible threats concern verbal or nonverbal threats but can incorporate a combination of these actions together. Harassment can even take place digitally, delivered through electronic communication or implied patterns of conduct.

These actions commonly place a harasser’s target in fear for their safety or for the protection of individuals closely associated with them. By law, it is not necessary to prove that individuals making threats wield intent to carry out on these actions.

Stalkers and harassers may engage in the following:

  • Discovery of information through public records and online searches
  • Hiring investigators, going through refuse, contacting friends and family members
  • Actions that control, track, or frighten
  • Repeated calls, including hang-ups
  • Following
  • Sending unwanted gifts and communications
  • Damage to property
  • Monitoring of phone calls, computer use, communications
  • Threats to hurt family, friends, or the victim

Harassment and Stalking in Florida

Harassment and stalking to not reflect separate offenses in the state of Florida.

Nonetheless, harassment is an activity that constitutes the stalking crime. Florida harassment laws represent a misdemeanor of the first degree. These crimes are punishable and enforced by imprisonment of up to one year, in addition to fines up to $1,000.

Although some may think of stalking as a shadowy figure following a victim down the street or lurking outside of their home, the situation is not dependent on these scenarios. This is a criminal charge in Florida and may appear in a variety of different ways. If an individual causes emotional distress to a victim, injunctions prohibiting harassment in Coral Gables are available for protection.

When the harasser is found guilty by the Florida court, part of the punishment can include this injunction or “restraining order.” This document forbids the offender from contact, direct or indirect, with the victim.

The court will outline the duration of the injunction, potentially levying up to 10 years, depending on the severity of the circumstances, in addition to the potential for a future violation.

When anyone feels threatened by stalking or harassment, swift action is imperative. They must file a petition with the circuit court for injunctions prohibiting harassment in Coral Gables

Victims should record any instances of harassment or stalking. This includes information on dates, times, and details of the stalking or harassing acts.

In many situations, judges will grant temporary injunctions for up to 15 days if they find a victim in immediate danger. In other circumstances, they may arrange a hearing to determine if the court should issue and impose an injunction.

Injunctions Prohibiting Harassment in Coral Gables

Information on Injunctions Prohibiting Harassment in Coral Gables from Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers

Victims of harassment and stalking often feel hopeless, wondering what to do to gain protection and release from a potentially violent situation. Fortunately, the law offers recourse and protection in these situations through injunctions prohibiting harassment in Coral Gables.

Nonetheless, these situations often involve intense emotions as well as the potential for violent actions. In any case, intervention from legal support professionals remains essential for the best possible outcome.

A professional process server can diffuse the situation, serving the documents in a timely and accurate manner. To learn more about what a process server can do in a harassment or stalking situation, or for more information on injunctions prohibiting harassment in Coral Gables, contact Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers today!

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