​Injunctions Prohibiting Harassment in MiamiFlorida Injunctions Concerning Stalking and Harassment

Stalking and harassment seemingly remain hand in hand in regards to Florida law. Stalking represents a form of violence characterized by a pattern of malicious and willful behavior that takes place over time.

Florida law outlines stalking as “willful, malicious, and repeated following or harassing that creates a credible threat of harm” to a victim. This additionally incorporates online harassment and stalking as well.

Harassment may occur between any two parties. Nonetheless, this often involves estranged partners who face potential charges in legal issues. Victims of this crime may seek injunctions prohibiting harassment in Miami. They often attain this legal order as long as they can provide a court with credible evidence.

When many people think about stalking, they think of a shadowy figure following an individual throughout their neighborhood or lurking outside of their home. However, stalking or harassment may include a variety of situations cultivating the tangible threat of harm.

No harassment situation should be taken lightly by victims and potential victims. In these instances, enlisting another, an uninvolved party such as a process server is the ideal solution for ensuring that the accused receives injunctions prohibiting harassment in Miami.

A professional, licensed process server will possess unique skills and training that they attain over the course of a career that enables them to swiftly and efficiently accomplish difficult serves with potentially dangerous subjects. For this reason, our team from Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers wants to outline some information on these scenarios.

What Protections do Injunctions Prohibiting Harassment in Miami Impart?

These orders can order harassing subjects to abstain from following an individual, their children, as well as household members. This includes situations involving:

  • Assault
  • Threatening
  • abusive behavior
  • following
  • stalking
  • sexual assault
  • destruction of property
  • disturbing the peace
  • telephone harassment
  • internet harassment
  • and more

Additionally, injunctions prohibiting harassment in Miami grant individuals exclusive care of animals owned by either the individual, the abuser, or a child in either household. The order will prohibit an abuser from harming or coming within a certain distance from the animal.

Victims don’t need to visit a court alone to face an abuser. They can bring a support individual with them to help them feel safe. A support person may represent a friend, neighbor, church official, family member, and virtually anyone else the victim wants in court to help with moral support.

Furthermore, any petition for an injunction regarding harassment or stalking must appear in writing. This must additionally outline any past actions concerning harassing behavior, in addition to any threats that may reflect the likeliness of harassment or violence.

After filing an injunction with a court, defendants must receive notification of their involvement in this legal action. This is a legal responsibility representative and upholding the due process of the law.

This involves a court official or certified process server taking the time and effort to track down subjects. In a number of circumstances, they may wish to remain anonymous with some knowledge of the pending legal action against them.

With a professional process server, they can deploy investigative techniques to track down the individual and ensure swift, efficient service with minimal delay. This is the ideal resource to ensure an optimal resolution.

Licensed Process Servers to Serve Injunctions Prohibiting Harassment in Miami

Many individuals attempting to serve injunctions prohibiting harassment in Miami will enlist the services of a local constable or court officer. Unfortunately, these professionals must divide these duties amongst numerous other responsibilities. For example, sheriffs commonly serve papers to subjects involved in legal actions.

They must commit to this responsibility while also dividing their attention to protecting and serving the people, making arrests, investigating cases, etc. For this reason, they may provide delays in a case if they cannot find the subject of an injunction on the first attempt.

Contrarily, a professional process server dedicates their time and effort entirely to their clients. This means making every possible attempt to accomplish a serve while also relying on specialized investigative techniques called skip tracing to accomplish their tasks.

Furthermore, individuals in harassment cases may remain potentially dangerous, and no situation involving stalking or harassment is easy for those involved. Process servers possess skills to diffuse these potentially explosive issues, ensuring that the papers get served on an individual timely and accurately.

​Injunctions Prohibiting Harassment in MiamiInformation on Injunctions Prohibiting Harassment in Miami from Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers

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