Can Private Investigators Serve Process?

It takes thousands of hours of investigative experience to become a private investigator. Although the prerequisites to becoming a process server are not as intense, a combination of private investigation and serving in Coconut Grove is the ideal solution for effective, speedy process serving.

Enlisting a team providing both private ?//investigation and serving in Coconut Grove like Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers is the best possible resource to serve your legal documentation.

Our team wants to outline some information on both private investigating and serving papers. We hope that with the following content, this convinces you that process serving is not something to entrust to any other individual or professional other than a resource for private investigation and serving in Coconut Grove.

What Does a Private Investigator and Process Server Do?

A large part of process serving involves serving legal documents to individuals, government agencies, corporations, and businesses. The role of a process server is serving documents to the involved party. This documentation informs them and outlines their involvement in a legal proceeding.

However, what can you do when you do not possess the location for the person intended to receive the documents? A firm for private investigation and serving in Coconut Grove can conduct what we call skip tracing to try and locate the individual for service of process.

Taking information like the target’s name, prior address, telephone number, etc. the specialist will conduct a database search to try and locate an updated address. Nevertheless, some parties may still wish to remain anonymous, doing whatever they can to avoid a process server at all costs.

Process servers wield many duties and responsibility when service of process goes as intended. However, service can become exponentially more difficult when individuals attempt to evade the wheels of the law. In these instances, private investigation and serving in Coconut Grove comes into play by relying on experience and training to track down difficult-to-find individuals.

It remains of the utmost importance that a process server ensures their service adheres to state law and their clients’ instructions. Failure to produce valid service of process may result in numerous problems, including increases cost and time for both client and server.

Nonetheless, serving a problematic target may involve some outside-the-box thinking and problem-solving skills that only an expert in private investigation and serving in Coconut Grove can offer.

Private Investigation and Serving in Coconut Grove – Accomplishing Difficult Serves

It is fairly obvious that investigators and servers should obtain as much information as possible from their client. However, what does this mean? Acquiring information regarding the target’s physical appearance, demeanor, daily habits, and routines, as well as vehicles, schedule, and other essential traits.

Scenarios may arise where a server cannot obtain this information from their client. In this scenario, they must rely on their own persistence and creativity.

Many times, an intended recipient remains aware of an impending service. With their cursory knowledge of this procedure, they may not wish to receive this service. Delivery, in this instance, becomes a game of cat and mouse.

Process servers and investigators should always assume that their target remains at the location and not simply ask. With this authority, a server may act with confidence, setting a stage for further communication that could ensue. This will additionally present an increased likelihood that a server accomplishes a successful serve.

Surveillance is a commonly utilized investigative tactic. Nevertheless, this is not always feasible while working within time constraints. The good news is that professional private investigation and serving in Coconut Grove involves a particular set of skills that servers and investigators acquire over their career.

By relying on this experience, they will likely cultivate their very own unique tricks to identify and successfully serve a subject.

Private Investigation and Process Serving in Coconut Grove from Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers

You could entrust your legal documents to a sheriff or another individual. However, process servers and private investigators offer personalized service. They will operate in your area while understanding their limitations within the law.

This remains of preeminent importance as improper service of process can lead to many negative outcomes to arise. Improper service may lead to unwanted delays and other roadblocks in a case for their client. At worst, a judge could decide to dismiss a legal action entirely.

For this reason, you must enlist a service for private investigation and process serving in Coconut Grove for the best possible results. To learn more, contact Lightning Legal today!