Private Investigators Make the BEST Process Servers

The ideal private investigator, as well as process server,  share numerous characteristics. The must possess a keen eye, excellent observation skills, as well as an analytical mind. This is why many private investigators make the best process servers, and many companies will maintain licenses to provide both services legally.

One of the first lessons that a legal professional will learn in their career is that no one likes going to court. When an individual faces a lawsuit or another legal action forcing them to go to court, the situation can turn downright ugly.

This is why these circumstances require the professional expertise of a process server. This individual will serve papers to an individual who attempts to avoid court. However, for the challenging serves, a blend of private investigation and serving in Pinecrest remains crucial to a positive outcome.

Our team at Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers wants to provide some information on these blended services. As a provider of both process servers, as well as private investigation and courier service, this gives us a unique perspective on how these specialties work together.

Experience Tracking Down Individuals

A primary task of the private investigator is locating targets or assets. This could represent anything from documents or property like a car or boat to locating a human being that would prefer to remain anonymous.

Process servers regularly deal with this exact situation. When an individual expects to be served, they may attempt to hide or make a retreat. For an inexperienced individual, it may seem impossible to get in contact with the target.

Fortunately, private investigators and servers wield a long history of tracking down people who don’t want the legal system to find them. A professional that can offer both private investigation and serving in Pinecrest is the ideal individual to serve these targets. This expert can utilize proven methods that they acquired over a career that will help them accomplish that task swiftly and efficiently.

These techniques include utilizing social media platforms and skip tracing to locate individuals. When you enlist a professional company for private investigation and serving in Pinecrest, you gain a dedicated advocate that will commit to serving the targeted individual and not stop until they complete the job.

Experience Remaining Inconspicuous

Private investigators can additionally utilize their skills at blending in. Remaining inconspicuous in process serving can help them track, and successfully serve individuals. When tracking someone, a server must avoid drawing an inordinate amount of attention to themselves. If they get noticed, this could result in the subject finding out that the server is near before disappearing again.

Anonymity represents an essential skill regarding process serving. The ultimate goal in both private investigation and serving in Pinecrest is reaching the target without them noticing before the moment they receive the documentation.

Expertise, Knowledge, Service

Some law firms will enlist the services of their local sheriff’s office for their process serving needs. Although this is not inherently wrong, professionals for private investigation and serving in Pinecrest wield more knowledge in this arena.

After all, tracking individuals, finding out the necessary information, and serving is precisely what these professionals do. When a sheriff is tasked with completing these tasks, they must divide their time between these services, as well as protecting, serving, and many other municipal duties.

Police must commit to their duties of saving lives. For this reason, it makes sense that serving papers in a civil suit doesn’t reside at the top of their priority list. Private investigators and process servers don’t face these same issues and remain exuberant and motivated to get the job done for their clients.

Furthermore, professional servers provide proof of service when they complete the serve. This is a signed affidavit that outlines the who, when, and where regarding process service. The document demonstrates literal proof that the server completed the task on time, and to the correct individual.

Private Investigation and Serving in Pinecrest with Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers

When it comes down to it, it is only natural that private investigators make great process servers. Many firms would be hard pressed to find a more capable process serving professional. Their unique experience enables them to utilize skills and knowledge that another individual may not possess. They make the right choice, fully understanding what they need to do to accomplish the serve.

Luckily, with Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers, you don’t need to choose. Our company provides private investigation and process serving in a comprehensive service package.

The Lightning Legal team wields the necessary knowledge and expertise to handle any sensitive legal documents, including court summons and subpoenas. In these situations, you cannot rely on just another delivery company.

Court documents necessitate delicacy, as well as professionalism, especially when serving a targeted individual. You can trust the Lightning Legal team to accomplish the task swiftly and efficiently as a professional representative on your firm’s behalf.

Our professionals know the best way in and out of any situation, levying decades of experience working in the South Florida community, and jurisdictions all over the country. We provide the fastest service anywhere in the industry.

For more information on private investigation and serving in Pinecrest from Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers, or to learn more about how our services can benefit your needs, contact our professional, dedicated team today!