Private Investigators and Process Servers

A situation arises where you must serve papers to someone. Unfortunately, this is not an easy task. Who should you enlist to this difficult endeavor? Who will hunt down difficult to find people and serve them papers requiring their adherence to the formal complaint against them?

This is where a process server comes in. This professional is a person who serves papers such as a court order or summons to a defendant involved in legal action. A process server may also deliver legal documentation like subpoenas, or restraining orders. However, it remains vital for process servers to act quickly and efficiently in order to successfully complete a serve.

For this reason, our team from Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers recommends considering the services of a firm that offers both private investigation & serving in Liberty City. Private investigators serving papers represents the most effective resource to get the job done.

Private Investigators Serving Papers

A process serving team that additionally specializes in private investigation can perform the necessary research to accomplish serves swiftly and accurately. As a result, this can save you both time and money on your course for an efficient resolution.

Liberty City is considered by many as one of the most precarious areas in South Florida. Many individuals make substantial efforts to avoid receiving papers. For these people, a team for private investigation & serving in Liberty City will conduct the research to locate witnesses, defendants, and other individuals involved in the legal action.

Drawing on private investigatory techniques like surveillance or skip tracing, these specialists easily determine the best course to contact the targeted individuals before serving them.

Process serving is not a task to trust to just any individuals. Even serving subpoenas may prove challenging, especially when individuals intentionally avoid the serve. In some situations, law firms additionally remain under tight deadlines. They need the expertise of professionals offering both private investigation & serving in Liberty City.

When attempting to find someone attempting to avoid service, determining information about them remains paramount. What better resource exists than a private investigator to track down difficult to find individuals and accomplish challenging serves?

A private investigator will obtain information about the vehicle a target drives, their schedule, etc. We call this process skip tracing, and it will include researching social media presences and other resources for locating people. Depending on what a private investigator can obtain during their search, they can then levy this knowledge with access to real-time information about the target.

Private Investigators Specializing in Difficult Serves

When targets avoid service, this only makes accomplishing the serve that much more difficult. A private investigator must establish the target’s physical location. They can then make observations and complete the service in person.

Successful service of process goes back to the aforementioned research work that they performed. An investigator will utilize the key factors they discover to formulate an investigative plan. These situations often require the utmost stealth, tact, and professionalism as to not “spook” the target, tipping them off to their presence.

Any number of scenarios can occur associated with process serving. Investigators must remain thorough and diligent in their tasks to ultimately accomplish their enlisted objectives. For this reason, firms that specialize in both private investigation & serving in Liberty City serves as the ideal solution to help accomplish service of process.

After all, a case cannot continue without a defendant or other individual involved in a legal action receiving due process of the law. Improper service could delay a case, even potentially resulting in dismissal entirely of a crucial legal action.

Private Investigation & Serving in Liberty City from Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers

Lightning Legal is a firm located in the South Florida community that offers a vital resource for private investigation & serving in Liberty City. Our team of seasoned process servers and private investigators wield the necessary experience to investigate individuals thoroughly. This helps us craft strategies to accomplish service of process accurately and efficiently.

We specialize in difficult serves, understanding the creative ways targets attempt to evade service. For this reason, our team remains one step ahead of these targets at all times. Lightning Legal additionally works to relate to our clients, comprehending the unique challenges and emotions that can arise in these actions.

For more information on our team for private investigation & serving in Liberty City, contact the dedicated and professional team from Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers today!