How Does a Private Process Server in Palmetto Bay Locate Individuals?

A process server’s duty often extends beyond ensuring they perform service while adhering to their local laws. This can become a difficult situation when the whereabouts of a targeted individual have changed, or remain unknown.

Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers serve as trusted process servers specializing in finding difficult individuals. We utilize these skills to find these “difficult” persons that may be involved in a lawsuit, or other criminal and civil cases. Sometimes this involves employing skip tracing, a technique to locate the individual’s whereabouts.

Process serving may require outside the box thinking and this where our extensive experience in the field enables us to levy the best possible technique in any serve. If a recipient is aware that they are being served, they may not want to receive the documentation. This could turn into a cat and mouse game between target and server.

A private process server in Palmetto Bay from Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers provide our clients with a wide variety of techniques and the latest, state-of-the-art tools to help track down these specific targets.

Some Important Factors to Locate Evasive Individuals

Identity information is extremely important in any case. This enables a private process server in Palmetto Bay to perform skip tracing. This method helps them uncover the latest, pertinent information on their target.

Details like the target’s physical appearance, some daily routines or habits, their vehicle, and their job can help the server locate the individual. A social security number may also help the investigator perform skip tracing to find out their whereabouts.

Past addresses where the target may have stayed or has been seen will additionally enable the server to acquire further information that could link the subject to an area. This is useful for narrowing down an area where the target may reside.

Targeted individuals can relocate, or may work at a different address from what a court keeps on record. In these events, skip tracing is entirely necessary. Nevertheless, it is virtually impossible for an individual to disappear off of the grid entirely. Many people unknowingly leave a traceable digital footprint in some form or another that enables a process server to locate their whereabouts.

Despite what is often substantial difficulty in locating a target, a private process server in Palmetto Bay should be able to track down and serve most individuals. However, if they cannot locate and serve the target, a judge may grant the ability to post an ad in a local publication stating the individual’s involvement in the case.

They could also allow for other forms of service to ensure that the individual receives their documentation, and enables the case to continue as normal. Although someone may think they’ve ventured beyond the reach of the law, the court system will likely continue as normal.

The Role of a Private Process Server in Palmetto Bay

Process servers wield a very simple, albeit very important role in the legal proceedings of any court case. They deliver and distribute court documents to individuals that are involved in the case. While many times this is a defendant, a server can deliver documents to anyone involved for any reason.

This may seem like a simple process, and many times it is. However, in many scenarios when a person being served would prefer to remain anonymous, this can represent a very difficult endeavor. Process servers regularly require developed skills and education over the course of a career to assist with an efficient and timely serve.

Process serving is extremely important in the legal world. Without timely service of process, a court case cannot continue. Furthermore, some judges will throw a court case out entirely without an affidavit of service provided as evidence that an involved party received their notification.

This is what is known as upholding the due process of service in the legal system. This is a legal right that all Americans possess as outlined by the United States Constitution. In legal terms, process servers enable individuals’ right to due process by ensuring they receive a court summons or other documentation informing them of their involvement in a court case.

A Private Process Server in Palmetto Bay from Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers

Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers is an essential resource for numerous legal clients throughout the South Florida community. Despite this area as our base of operations, we additionally extend our services on a national level as our clients need.

Without process servers, a court case simply cannot continue. We remain proud of our role in the American right to due process of the law. This means ensuring we deliver accurate and efficient serves as fast as possible.

In fact, our company provides the fastest process serving the business, and for an extremely affordable price. We may also assist with documentation delivery, filing, and retrieval. In enlisting these services, our clients gain over 20 years of combined experience from a company acting as an advocate on their behalf.

A private process server from Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers wields the necessary experience and knowledge in the process serving and legal courier fields to ensure that their documents are delivered timely and efficiently with an affidavit of service returned on every delivery. For more information on how the Lightning Legal team can assist you, contact our professionals today!