Every Legal Professional Should Consider Hiring a Professional Courier Service in Coral Gables

In the legal field, time is money and every minute counts. Meeting a deadline can mean the difference between a case proceeding, and being dismissed by the judge. Under these strict circumstances with little room for error, why trust your legal parcels or documentation to anything less than a professional?

Your friends from Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers want to impart some information that may help you decide whether or not your firm could benefit from a professional courier service in Coral Gables.

The next time you need to send or pick up an important parcel, document, or another package type, think about the following information before you rely on just any individual to make your delivery or pickup.

Couriers Keep and Maintain Strict Records

When you need to know for certain that your delivery was made to the right individual, at the right time, it is important that you receive a record that the targeted party received the delivery. A professional courier service in Coral Gables will keep track of virtually any delivery they make. This information contains who ordered the delivery, as well as when they arrive at the targeted location.

When they finally make the drop-off, they require that the individual, company, or court clerk signs for the parcel. This I what is known as providing an affidavit of service, ensuring that the delivery arrived on time and to the correct target. When you enlist a professional courier service in Coral Gables, there is no possible doubt that the correct individual received the parcel, and you will have their signature to prove it.

Couriers Utilize the Quickest Method or Route Possible

Many lawyers will find themselves in a position where they have a document that needs to be received by a party within a certain timeframe. If they don’t sign for the delivery on time, this could cost the firm severely.

A professional courier service in Coral Gables knows the best way to get from the firm to the intended location. These professionals study their area of operation, even when engaging in activities outside of their usual locale.

A courier will additionally understand all potential routes to their destination, as well as which paths have the most traffic. When you hire these companies for their professional services, you free yourself from the potential worries about them getting lost, and inevitably not making the delivery.

Rushed and Express Services

A number of companies providing professional courier service in Coral Gables will offer rush or express service to their customers. This means that the clients need not worry about vital paperwork not being submitted timely to the court, or other destination.

Rush or express service is a guarantee. For this reason, a professional courier service in Coral Gables will do everything in their power to make sure that the parcel or sensitive documentation arrives at the targeted location by the imposed deadline.

Courier firms specialize in ensuring deliveries are completed within a specific time. They don’t offer this as a favor. To put it plainly, this is their job, and they have a vested interest in keeping their client happy. When the courier doesn’t deliver packages timely or accurately, they could lose customers and eventually lose their business entirely. The same goes for rush delivery guarantees.

Selecting a professional courier service in Coral Gables remains the absolute best way to transfer any sensitive documentation that you need to be delivered securely, accurately, and fast. With the experience and specialization that they bring to the table, a traditional delivery service provider simply cannot compete.

Professional Courier Service in Coral Gables from Lightning Legal Couriers and Process Servers

At Lightning Legal Couriers and Process Servers, our team devotes our careers to helping clients utilizing modern technology, experience, and preeminent customer service. We are proud of the role we can take in helping our customers achieve their needs.

Lightning Legal has serviced the South Florida community for over twenty years, helping our legal clients meet their deadlines. Although we base our business in the South Florida community, we additionally extend our preeminent service offering on a national level when our clients’ needs arise.

Your legal documentation is crucially important. For this reason, our team commits to offering professional courier service in Coral Gables that delivers your documentation quickly, and securely. For most firms, they simply do not wield the time or the resources to coordinate deliveries and pickups, court filings, as well as recordings without the use of a professional courier service in Coral Gables.

Nonetheless, not every courier provider is created equally, and Lightning Legal represent the fastest and most affordable service in the industry. We understand the need for security while transferring and transporting legal documentation, and items. Our team takes every necessary precaution to make sure that every item is delivered or received safely, and with an affidavit of service with every completion.

We commit to offering clients the highest degree of professionalism, carrying out deliveries, filings, and pickups with discretion. Our team knows we can meet your needs, don’t hesitate to enlist our professional courier service in Coral Gables for your firm’s needs.

For more information on our team and how it may benefit your legal practice, contact Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers today to learn more! We want to help you achieve your goals and hopefully, a victory in your next legal proceeding.