What Do Professional Legal Process Servers in Coral Gables do?

On the surface, process serving is a simple profession. You must present individuals involved in legal proceedings with documents that a court requires for delivery. Process serving acts as a vital and fundamental aspect of due process in the American legal system. They do this through ensuring safe and accurate delivery of subpoenas, summons, and other legal documentation.

Although the job may seem easy, process serving is rarely this simple. While many people accept their documents with little additional trouble, some do everything they can to avoid a serve.

Some attempt process server avoidance bolstered by the knowledge that there is limited time to deliver papers. Others may utilize violent threats and even use violence when a process server arrives for the serve.

People even go so far as to learn as much as they can about local laws regarding process servers. This is in an attempt to outsmart the individuals attempting to deliver the papers.

For this reason, a process server must understand the laws concerning their profession in their active area. Even the smallest misstep in process serving can result in an entire case dismissal due to a technicality.

Professional Legal Process Servers in Coral Gables Duties

Maybe the process serving career is unfamiliar to you. However, we all see process servers either in our own lives or in movies or television shows. These individuals present another party with legal documents stating why and when they need to appear in court.

Due process of law in America states an accused individual wields the right to know of what legal actions they face. This includes enough time to build a defense case to combat the legal action taken against them.

Professional legal process servers in Coral Gables deliver notifications, summons, or any other legal documentation to anyone involved in the case. Every state imposes different laws and regulation on how to properly and legally serve the documentation. For this reason, competent process servers must possess all the rules to efficiently and safely serve paperwork.

In many cases, process servers track down defendants to serve them. This often proves difficult because a defendant’s last known address is not necessarily their current residence. In this event, the server must participate in skip tracing.

What is Skip Tracing?

Skip tracing is a process that professionals use to locate an individual that they cannot locate at their place of residence or usual establishments they frequent. This is a common process used by a process server who is looking for an individual to serve them court documentation.

Professional legal process servers in Coral Gables often perform skip tracing by collecting all the information available on the person in question. They analyze and verify this information to attain where this individual is located.

Process servers commonly employ the internet to help them gather information on their target. However, another popular technique is social engineering. This involves cold calling individuals who may impart information about the subject individual.

Process Services for Lawyers

A process server may need to travel in order to find their defendant. They acquire information about their schedule and search social media for their whereabouts. Sometimes they will sit and watch them through a stakeout at the defendant’s residence or place of business. Anyone from a civilian to inmates and police officers could receive a serve. This even includes military personnel.

Nonetheless, process servers provide more than simply delivering documents to individuals involved in cases. Many offer courier services and can transport files from one legal practice to another, and even file documentation with the court, as well as the State Department or foreign embassies should a client require this service.

Where Can a Defendant Receive a Serve?

You may think that the answer to this question is simple. Unfortunately, this depends on the specific jurisdiction where the serve takes place, or where they come from.

In numerous cases, a process server can serve papers at any time. However, some exceptions exist in states where they do not allow a process server to deliver papers on a Sunday, holiday, or while the defendant is traveling.

This is why a process server must possess extensive knowledge about the laws and regulations in the jurisdiction where they make a serve. Additionally, this is even more reason to ensure you enlist qualified, professional legal process servers in Coral Gables for your process serving needs. A simple mistake like serving at the wrong time or location could lead to a dismissal of an entire case.

Professional Legal Process Servers in Coral Gables from Lightning Legal

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