Why you should hire a Process Server after a Car Accident

It is a Monday morning and everything seems to be going fine. You are on your way, driving your son or daughter to school. A street light turns green and you begin crossing the intersection. Suddenly, your vehicle is struck at high speed by a car that ran through a red light. Your sport utility vehicle rolls several times and comes to a rest completely and utterly totaled.

Everyone seems okay physically, however, your child is terrified. You feel shocked and sore, with no idea of who is hurt in this accident, or how badly. This all happened during an ordinary weekday commute just a few streets over from where you live.

No one knows when an unfortunate motor vehicle accident can occur. Many times, we wield far less control over the possibility of a car accident than we think. Unfortunately, we simply cannot control other motor vehicle operators.

To exacerbate the situation in the aforementioned scenario, you may discover that the driver that ran a red does not possess car insurance. In this instance, you must take this individual to court, and your legal team is forced to prove that the individual was at fault for this accident. You may also need to take them to court once again to get them to actually pay for this judgment.

Hiring a reliable legal process server in Kendall is a vital part of beginning any legal proceedings after a car accident. Your friends from Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers want to help you by providing some information about why you or your legal representation should hire a process server immediately after a car accident.

A Reliable Legal Process Server in Kendall can help you Avoid Mistakes

Errors during process serving can delay, and even derail a viable case. For this reason, it is important that you enlist a professional process server who won’t make these mistakes. An inexperienced individual who attempts to server legal documentation may engage in err, or make mistakes that can thoroughly damage any legal action.

This might involve process serving to the wrong individual, failing to serve process, delivering the documentation late, or failing to provide proof of service. These, as well as numerous other circumstances,  might jeopardize your case’s viability.

It is important that you hire a reliable legal process server in Kendall that possesses the skills and experience to avoid any potential pitfalls. Deciding on the right process server will protect your interests in addition to the potential compensation you could receive for your injuries.

A Reliable Legal Process Server in Kendall Will Streamline the Procedure

Car accident cases often operate on stringent timelines. Many time limits exist that vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction concerning when you can engage in legal activities against a defendant for personal injury.

However, even when you do not face a time limitation, you will want to obtain compensation to pay for your medical treatment as soon as possible. Hire a process server, this will help you speed up the entire case.

A reliable legal process server in Kendall equips themselves with the necessary tools to find individuals quickly while verifying their identity. They will engage in tried-and-true methods to serve defendants swiftly and efficiently. This often involves serving process before they realize that you materialized a case against them. Acting fast can avoid defendants taking steps to avoid detection by an attorney or process server.

A Reliable Legal Process Server in Kendall will Assist Your Legal Team

Process servers help legal practices find defendants in cases. Nonetheless, they also can locate witnesses and needed experts that help cultivate a winning case at the trial level. Enlisting the services of a professional process server should reside near the top of your legal needs.

Insurance companies impart numerous methods and tactics that will attempt to prevent your obtaining payment for your injuries. Some of these methods involve flat out lying to you. A qualified legal team will combat any of these efforts while protecting your rights and interests. A reliable legal process server in Kendall is a member of this legal team that will assist your attorney in accomplishing these goals.

A Reliable Legal Process Server in Kendall from Lightning Legal Courier & Process Servers

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If you experience an injury as a result of an unfortunate car accident, it is important that you not only enlist a capable legal practice but a reliable legal process server in Kendall as well. We can additionally extend our preeminent service offering on a national level should the need arise.

Lightning Legal can help you obtain the service of process you need to start your case off on the right foot. We can help you obtain a positive resolution in a court of law.

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