Serving a Garnishment in Coral Gables

What is Wage Garnishment?

Wage garnishment is a scenario when the courts order an employer to withhold a portion of an individual’s paycheck, sending it directly to a creditor or other entity whom a debtor owes money. This can take place until the entirety of the debt is resolved. The most common sources concerning wage garnishment include situations involving child support, as well as consumer debt and student loan situations.

Creditors will often rely on wage garnishment to collect on a judgment debt, typically applied to cases where a debtor remains grossly past due. In most cases, the debtor makes little to no attempts to repay the debt or stay in contact with a debtor to formulate a plan of action.

Nevertheless, most cases go through several phases before a creditor enacts garnishment activities. The situation for debtors is serious, but they do wield some recourse to prevent wage garnishment circumstances altogether. Ultimately, if their finances remain in disarray, they may face a legal support professional serving a garnishment in Coral Gables.

For this reason, our team from Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers wants to share some information regarding wage garnishment, as well as how process servers work in these situations. Read on to learn more about serving a garnishment in Coral Gables.

How Garnishment Situations Proceed in the State of Florida

Wage garnishment enables creditors to intercept portions of a debtor’s pay in the event of a judgment or other outstanding debt. This often involves levying a garnishment on a third-party employer.

The specialized tool remains applicable to a debtor’s earnings, wages, and salary. It could also impact the debtor’s bonuses and commissions, and any other form of employee compensation under Florida law.

Creditors commonly rely on this tactic as it remains exceptionally viable and efficient to help them collect outstanding debts. However, they also prefer this method as a late resort as it imparts ongoing effects on the debtor to repay the debt, and resolve the situation entirely from a creditor’s perspective

After serving a garnishment in Coral Gables, this writ may garnish a portion of the debtor’s wages. Nevertheless, creditors may additionally opt to portion the entirety of a debtor’s salary and wages as well to satisfy the judgment. The courts could additionally elect to dissolve the garnishment or order a creditor to cease collections activities as well.

Debtors can also file a motion to dissolve the garnishment. This must reflect grounds based on procedural defects that concern the administration of the writ. For this reason, creditors and their legal representatives must seek professional, licensed process service, following procedural law and rules regarding serving a garnishment in Coral Gables correctly.

Collecting Judgment Debts with Wage Garnishment

Once a creditor attains a judgment in their favor in a legal action related to a debt, they may feel like this is a significant victory. Nonetheless, in many circumstances, a debtor still may refuse to pay their debt. Unfortunately, for the creditor, their work is not yet done.

Wage garnishment is often a last-ditch effort to reclaim a creditor’s rightful property, essentially cutting the middleman out of the equation, and going after the funds directly.

Process servers offer unique services that can save creditors time and money while serving a garnishment in Coral Gables, and making earnest attempts to collect the debt. Many debtors will choose to fight the garnishment process, doing whatever they can to protect their income.

Despite very few garnishment situations going after all of a debtor’s funds, even a small impact on income can significantly worsen a situation for a debtor that is already facing financial strife. 

For this reason, garnishment service on these individuals can prove troublesome. Experienced, licensed, and professional process servers provide the ideal solutions for locating and serving these challenging targets effectively, as well as on time.

With expertise and knowledge in the jurisdictions where they operate, professional servers like our team from Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers remain the ideal solution to help alleviate potential delays and blockades for creditors.

Serving a Garnishment in Coral Gables

Serving a Garnishment in Coral Gables with Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers

No debt collection situation is easy for a debtor or collector. Contrarily, by hiring a licensed and professional server, serving a garnishment in Coral Gables can be easy. To learn more about this process, contact the speedy experts from Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers today!

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