Skip Tracing in Coconut GroveWhat is Skip Tracing in Coconut Grove?

Court action proceedings can prove difficult when a target that requires process serving with papers seemingly disappears. People may move, change their phone number or last name. Some individuals may go by a different name entirely.

In these instances, it may seem impossible to find out where the target remains located. The good news is that working with a process server (at least a professional, licensed, qualified one) provides skip tracing methods, techniques, and skills that they attain throughout a long career.

Process servers additionally serve as experts in skip tracing in Coconut Grove. In addition to serving papers professionally, their profession often requires the ability to find targets where papers must be served.

In some scenarios, a legal firm or plaintiff may attempt to locate the “missing’ individual on their own. Unfortunately, this not only takes a notable amount of time but also can prove expensive.

Skip tracing in Coconut Grove may necessitate multiple visits to resources to check phone books or public research records. They may also depend on internet search services. However, the best resources will cost a fee.

Skip tracing involves gathering every single piece of information about a target to help determine their location. This typically represents attaining a trail of facts that a process server can follow to locate a target to serve the papers. Read on to learn more about skip tracing in Coconut Grove from our team at Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers.

How Process Servers Perform Skip Tracing in Coconut Grove

Experienced process servers and skip tracers wield access to high-tech techniques, insider information, and the modernist in surveillance techniques. Process servers may additionally call upon colleagues in their industry for assistance.

Process servers utilize skip tracing by collecting every piece of information possible on a target. They can then analyze and verify the information to determine a target’s location. Depending on the unique, individual situation, they may need to obtain a large amount of data.

Most commonly, process servers will start by heading to the internet to gather information on the target. 

Nonetheless, another common technique they deploy is social engineering. This is an art involving cold-calling individuals who may possess information on their targeted subject.

Process servers can depend on various databases and resources that they possess to collect the needed information. Some of the resources may include the following:

  • Air travel records
  • Credit card applications
  • Credit reports
  • Courthouse records
  • Criminal background checks
  • Driver’s license databases
  • Job applications
  • Loan applications
  • Phone number databases
  • Public records databases
  • Public tax information
  • Utility bills
  • Vehicle registration departments

Whole companies dedicate their services to performing skip tracing. These companies, process servers included wield access to a wide variety of resources. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to locate a target.

When process servers cannot locate a target, the company can submit an affidavit of due diligence to the court. The document outlines and explains why the process server could not locate the target in question.

Utilizing Trusted Process Server Resources for Skip Tracing in Coconut Grove

To obtain the best possible results of any legal action, professionals should perform any necessary skip tracing techniques. Attorneys and plaintiffs alike may wield difficulty serving papers on a target. 

A process server is the most efficient, fastest way to serve papers on targeted individuals. Professional servers not only possess requisite experience and skills they attain throughout their career but additionally go through a pre-screening and vetting process.

Furthermore, a licensed server will understand the different laws and regulations concerning process serving in any state or jurisdiction where they operate. When a server locates a target, they remain bound to follow any applicable state and municipal laws imposed on delivering court documents.

Without intervention from a professional process server, this could result in improper serve. As a result, attorneys and plaintiffs could observe a situation where the court delays a case or even dismisses a case entirely.

Information on Skip Tracing in Coconut Grove from Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers

Skip Tracing in Coconut GroveWith the sheer amount of data available to all of us today through the internet, a process server can often find who they search for in a relatively short amount of time. Additionally, the amount of resources that a skip tracer has at their disposal has risen exponentially.

To learn more about skip tracing in Coconut Grove, contact the professional team from Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers today!


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