Subpoena Services in Miami GardensHow Subpoena Services in Miami Gardens Work

The way any legal proceeding works can sure get complicated. For example, most people probably can’t tell you the difference between a subpoena or a summons, and certainly won’t outline how process servers administer subpoena services in Miami Gardens.

While a summons typically requires that another party in a case appears before the court, their primary function is providing official notice of a lawsuit. Process servers serve a summons to the defendant in the case.

Contrarily, when process servers apply subpoena services in Miami Gardens, the subpoena is a specific court order. This may include similar functions, like demanding a defendant or another individual appear in court; it can also provide legal professionals with an avenue to provide evidence, documents, or information regarding a deposition.

These terms seem pretty similar huh? While they do offer very similar functions, it’s the nuances and small differences that set them apart.

For this reason, our team from Lightning Legal Courier & Process Servers is breaking down some basic information and some common misconceptions regarding how process serving a subpoena works.

Subpoena Preparation and Process Serving

Legal professionals will normally prepare a subpoena in a case in accordance with Florida law, as well as the local county court. For example, attorneys in Miami Gardens must adhere to both Florida state law, as well as the jurisdictional county law of Miami-Dade.

Once the attorney completes the appropriate paperwork for the subpoena, they can then submit the forms for the court clerk’s approval. Process servers and legal couriers often administer these services as well under the subpoena services in Miami Gardens umbrella.

As a part of the legal process, all individuals in a case must receive notification regarding their involvement. Typically, the courts, attorneys, etc. rely on subpoenas as notification, in addition to court-ordered testimony in the case.

Any party to a case cannot serve papers. This is precisely why many individuals and legal professionals rely on subpoena services in Miami Gardens from a professional, licensed process server.

A professional process server can ensure they complete the serve quickly and accurately while following federal, state, and county laws. Although you could rely on a local sheriff to handle the serve, hiring a professional offers some distinct advantages that include:

Accomplishing Difficult Serves

Many individuals involved in legal actions attempt evasiveness and could prove difficult to locate. The good news is that process servers wield experience and specialized techniques to accomplish these serves.

Some of their methods may include skip tracing. Skip tracing is a process that relies on public records, database research, and other investigative tactics to locate and serve the targeted individual.

Dealing with Uncooperative Targets

Not anyone can just take a class, get certified, and become a world-class process server. Process servers possess skills and techniques that they acquire over a career dedicated to their craft.

As an example, process servers can uniquely approach difficult situations professionally. Some targets understandable aren’t happy about receiving court papers. Nonetheless, a professional process server can defuse a heated confrontation, ensuring they get the job done successfully.

Abiding by Applicable Law

Process serving remains heavily regulated by federal, state, and county law. However, process servers additionally operate in various jurisdictions. This means that a professional process server must comprehensively understand how, when, and where they can serve papers on an individual to ensure they accomplish the task legally.

Legal Proof of Service

Once the process server successfully completes subpoena services in Miami Gardens, they will provide an “affidavit of service,” or proof of service. This is legally acceptable documentation that the targeted individual received their papers in a timely, accurate, and legal fashion.

Picture a scenario with no proof of service completion. A defendant could get out of almost any situation simply by saying they never received the documentation, that they got their subpoena late or not on time, or that a process server acted unlawfully or unprofessionally during the serve.

Subpoena Services in Miami Gardens from Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers

Subpoena Services in Miami GardensAs a result of the investigative, and often time-sensitive nature of legal matters, turning to a professional and certified process server is the best way to accomplish serving a subpoena.

Lightning Legal commits to providing the fastest and most efficient subpoena service and process server available anywhere in the country. To learn more about our subpoena services in Miami Gardens, as well as what our team can do to help you, contact us today!