Avoiding a Process Server Won’t Get you out of a Lawsuit

Many people think that by simply not answering the door for a process server, this absolves them from being sued or having to go to court at all. While the case cannot begin without the defendant receiving this notification of legal action against them, the court system has numerous provisions to ensure that the legal process can continue as timely and efficiently as possible.

If a process server is unable to make contact with a defendant directly, a court may grant them the ability to mail the documentation to the individuals home or business address by certified mail. In these instances, the court only needs a delivery receipt to demonstrate that the defendant received their documents.

Nonetheless, qualified process servers are experts at tracking evasive individuals in Coral Gables, knowing the tricks of the trade to hunt down these targets that would otherwise like to remain anonymous.

Serving Court Documentation

When a plaintiff files a claim with the court, they must deliver a copy of this claim to the defendant(s). This is what we know as service of process, and no lawsuit continue without this occurring. This affords the defendant with information about their involvement in a case, as well as the legal action being taken against them.

If a defendant attempts to evade being served their documentation, they can often succeed unless an experienced process server possessing the necessary skills and experience in tracking evasive individuals in Coral Gables is on the case. This individual can locate individuals that have seemingly disappeared.

When you need to find someone specific, but do not possess current information on the target, a qualified process server can still locate the individual. It is not uncommon for a plaintiff or their legal representation to need serving legal papers on an individual without any idea of their location.

Locating Difficult Serves

Unfortunately, in cases of this nature, too much time may have passed since the last recording of the target’s last known address. In these situations, a quality, experienced server is an attorney’s best friend. They routinely locate individuals across the whole country for a plethora of different reasons. Even if a defendant is currently incarcerated, or has passed away, they should be able to obtain the information you need.

Additionally, while tracking evasive individuals in Coral Gables, a process server can locate a defendant’s new residence, if applicable. Despite a target that has moved to a new residence without updating their address adding a challenge to the situation, locating individuals is something process servers do on almost a daily basis.

A quality process server will have various methods to discover where a person lives, even without an official address for the individual. Through a combination of data, evidence-based and social media research, as well as an ability to conduct interviews, a process server can find out where an individual resides.

Even with this information, there is no guarantee that a serve will be easy. The target may go to great lengths to avoid process of service. However, process servers know the exact techniques that work to serve even the most troublesome individuals. They can often predict what a defendant will try, implementing countermeasures to ensure they receive the necessary documentation.

Additionally, process servers are entirely aware of the law relating to process serving. They wield the experience to adhere to any jurisdictional laws or regulations. Using the services a process serving firm can provide should never jeopardize any legal proceeding. Even in the most extreme evasion cases, a quality process server can only strengthen the case.

If you need to serve a troublesome defendant legal documentation and are having a tough time doing so, contacting a professional process server is a good idea. In a majority of cases, they can serve the defendant swiftly and efficiently.

Tracking Evasive Individuals in Coral Gables from Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers

At Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers, our team possesses over 20 years of experience in the process serving and legal courier fields. Although our team is located within the South Florida community, we often extend our services on a national level when our clients’ concerns necessitate these elevated and expanded services.

We handle legal needs that concern trial services, courier service, and process serving, in addition to corporate legal services. This also includes tracking evasive individuals in Coral Gables as well as all over South Florida, and the United States. These services often involve serving subpoenas, summons, citations, and complaints. We can also act as couriers, filing court documents on a client’s behalf.

Our clients often ask why our company is “LightningLegal. This means far more to us than simply a clever name. We chose Lightning Legal due to our extremely fast, streamlined legal services. In fact, we provide not only the fastest but also the most affordable courier and process services available anywhere in the country.

Additionally, our team will provide an affidavit of service on every delivery. This ensures you that your documentation was delivered accurately and on time with no risk for error.

When you need to serve a difficult to find individual, you need to enlist a process server that specializes in tracking evasive individuals in Coral Gables. Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers can be this resource. For more information on how we can help your case, contact our professional team today!