How to Identify Someone Who is Evading Service of Process

Process servers possess a number of responsibilities even when service of process goes as planned. However, when service becomes a difficult endeavor, these responsibilities increase and magnify exponentially.

It is vital to any case that a process server ensures that they adhere to any jurisdictional laws or regulations, as well as client instructions. Failure to do this may result in numerous problems including increased costs and time for both the client, in addition to the server.

Any process server will tell you that tracking evasive individuals in South Miami is no easy task. For this reason, process servers must ensure that party who is being served is actually the right person. This additionally requires thinking outside of the box when facing a difficult and evasive individual.

While it is a fairly obvious assumption that a process server benefits from gathering as much information as possible, sometimes a server cannot easily obtain this information. In many cases, a client will provide extensive information regarding the target’s physical appearance and demeanor, in addition to their daily habits and routines. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

In these instances, a professional process server must rely on their own persistence in addition to planning, quick thinking, and creativity.

When a target is aware of the impending case against them, they may not want to be served. This becomes a troublesome situation requiring a server experienced in tracking evasive individuals in South Miami.

Surveillance serves as a common and effective tactic. Nonetheless, this is not always feasible when working within a time constraint. Many process servers cultivate their own methods to help them identify a subject.

Difficult Service of Process

You took the time to hire the best attorney you could find, and you may finally feel on your way to obtaining justice. Unfortunately, this legal fight might be over before it even gets started if the defendant in your case evades service of process.

A judge will typically dismiss a case if a defendant does not receive service. For this reason, defendants will attempt to evade service in the hopes that it will make the case go away.

Our laws require that every defendant in every case is served with a copy of the complaint. This serves as a notice that there is legal action taking place against them. Some defendants will try and take advantage of this law, fleeing, hiding, or simply becoming difficult to find as they suspect someone is trying to serve them. This is what we call evasion of service and it is, unfortunately, perfectly legal.

When someone is evading service you have two potential courses of action. The first is enlisting a process server to deliver complaints as well as document retrieval on a client’s behalf. This specialist will also perform a skip trace, and effective method to hunt down a defendant.

Skip tracing, or tracking evasive individuals in South Miami often involves employing technology as well as surveillance techniques. When a defendant is committed to evading service, a process server may represent the only option a plaintiff has left. Experienced process servers know the laws of serving evasive defendants, in addition to the best means of serving them swiftly.

If a process cannot locate and serve the individual, a second option is a service through publication. This option enables a plaintiff to run an ad in a local publication that announces the lawsuit. Sometimes a court will grant this allowance as a last resort, effectively serving the defendant names in a case.

Nevertheless, service by publication is not without limitation. An attorney or professional process server can educate you on service by publication. However, serving someone in person by process server will always ensure that you avoid any roadblocks or pitfalls in a case.

Help Tracking Evasive Individuals in South Miami with Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers

If you are beginning legal action against a defendant, you will likely discover that a process server can benefit your case. This is especially true when the individual names in the case are attempting evasive tactics to avoid your process server. Nonetheless, an effective process server that is experienced in tracking evasive individuals in South Miami represents an ideal solution in this situation.

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We specifically specialize in tracking evasive individuals in South Miami, possessing the knowledge and experience to guarantee a timely and accurate serve no matter what the circumstances are. Our team additionally provides an affidavit of service for every service of process. This reassures our clients that their documentation was delivered timely and accurately to the correct target individual.

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