How Does a Lawsuit Continue When a Process Server Cannot Find the Defendant?

When an individual begins a lawsuit against a defendant, the law requires that this individual receives notice of the legal action taken against them. This affords a defendant the necessary time to prepare a defense against this action. The procedure represents a vital component in the United States due process.

Most jurisdictions require the defendant receive this documentation in person. That way, there is no question that the defendant received proper notice in person. However, some defendants cannot face their responsibilities. As a result, they will often hide to avoid the process server. Luckily, a plaintiff possesses several different options of recourse.

Due Diligence

When they cannot find a defendant, a process server must prove the engaged in due diligence concerning serving the documentation in person. The process server must document every detail including that they exhausted every available option to locate the defendant. They can also employ other forms of notification as a last-ditch effort.

A trained process server in Kendall is a vital resource in this situation. This is because they will know precisely how to demonstrate their case to the court. An experienced process server can demonstrate that they did their job the best anyone could.

Substitute Service Methods

After a legal team and their trained process server in Kendall exhausts every resource, some jurisdictions enable “substitute service.” This allows a process server to leave the court documents with a relative or person of interest at the defendant’s address. Nonetheless, some jurisdictions will allow the filing of a notice in a publication such as a periodical or newspaper.

Selecting the Best Possible Trained Process Server in Kendall

In most cases, it is extremely beneficial to hire a professional process server that will complete the work for you. This individual will locate the person for you while delivering every necessary court document. Documentation includes subpoenas, summons, as well as complaints.

Process servers possess very difficult jobs. For that reason, finding the best possible trained process server in Kendall is extremely important. You need to think about numerous factors before selecting the one you trust most.

A trained process server in Kendall must follow any and all rules and regulations to ensure that they adhere to civil procedure. When you enlist a professional process server, this enables your law firm to operate smoothly and optimally.

The first thing to consider when selecting an optimal server is if they can provide both timely and professional service. If a server cannot complete the serve on time, then your case cannot continue.

You will additionally want to ensure that their technology is state-of-the-art. This includes servers with access to cellular phones, GPS navigation, internet, fax, email, online tracking, and a national database they can utilize for skip tracing. They must also provide an affidavit of service as proof that a serve is completed while ensuring that they can easily access their records.

Proper timing is crucial in the legal field. Ensuring you select a company with multiple servers is ideal. If you hire a single individual as your process server, they may not accomplish your serve immediately. Companies wielding multiple process serving employees often prove more effective, serving documents within the same day.

Nevertheless, you need to make sure that every server is properly trained and certified. Servers without experience dealing with court procedures or tracking difficult defendants will slow down the process, possibly creating more roadblocks or pitfalls.

Trained Process Server in Kendall from Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers

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