Wage Garnishment Service in AventuraGarnishing Wages

Wage garnishment is a final recourse to get money from a debtor. Many creditors rely on this effectual method to reclaim what is rightfully theirs. A creditor obtains a court order to deduct money from the debtor’s wages or levies their valuable possessions potentially held by a third party. The most familiar entity in this fashion is a boss or another employer.

Most people deal with some financial problem during their adult life. It is essential to understand what might take place when you fall behind on debts, in addition to the multitude of methods that creditors can utilize to reclaim their money.

When a debtor doesn’t pay up, a creditor will often utilize wage garnishment service in Aventura backed by a vast array of laws that enable creditors to obtain their property.

For plaintiffs and creditors that find themselves in these situations, they must issue a writ of garnishment in order to begin garnishing a debtor’s wages. A writ in this situation concerns a court order served to third party individuals.

This wage garnishment service in Aventura enables the creditor to keep or place a lien on valuable assets and income that “belongs” to the debtor. Garnishees that receive process service regarding a writ of garnishment can represent an individual or business. However, they must already possess ties to the assets of the judgment creditor or debtor.

How to Garnish Wages After a Winning Judgment in Court

Winning a financial case in court may feel like a substantial accomplishment for the victor. Unfortunately, the work isn’t done. The process to reclaim the tangible debt is just beginning.

Simply a positive outcome in a financial case doesn’t mean the debtor will hand over their assets. Many judgment debtors must then go back to court to reclaim a debt, possibly even resorting to wage garnishment service in Aventura for a tangible, positive outcome.

Although this can take some time, garnishing wages is an ideal method to help creditors reclaim the property that rightfully belongs to them.

The first step is contacting a court clerk in the same court that awarded the judgment to determine how to garnish the defendant’s wages. The required paperwork and procedures may vary in each state, county, or jurisdiction.

The clerk will likely require the creditor to file a document that outlines the request, and then notifies the defendant of the legal action regarding the garnishment. The creditor must then send notice to the debtor, in addition to their employer. Creditors often rely on process servers to serve the debtor with this paperwork.

How Long Can Wage Garnishment Last?

Something that makes a Florida wage garnishment uniquely effective is the ongoing nature of writs of garnishment. A singular writ served on a debtor’s employer can garnish the debtor’s salary and wages as soon as they become payable. This may last until the funds satisfy the judgment, or the garnishment gets dissolved.

Garnishment statutes in Florida require creditors to follow convoluted requirements and procedures. This includes numerous notices and deadlines. Creditors must comply with all procedures to enforce continued wage garnishment in the state of Florida.

Professional, licensed process servers can handle these extensive serving tasks by directly serving the targeted debtor the papers directly. Once an employer receives the serve, the law requires they begin wage garnishment service in Aventura immediately.

Wage Garnishment Service in AventuraWage Garnishment Service in Aventura from Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers

Every state imparts very specific laws about garnishing employee wages. Some jurisdictions may set lower limits, or protect individuals that suffer from multiple garnishments. This same standard extends to process serving wage garnishment service in Aventura. For this reason, professional, efficient, accurate service remains crucial to begin reclaiming a debt.

Accurate service completion to a debtor’s employ is essential to begin garnishment during the payroll process. Our team from Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers work to take out any hassle by handling the problem for creditors.

We go directly to the business or individual that owes the creditor money as experts in handling potentially sensitive situations quickly and reliably. With a roster of expert process servers who maintain their education on local, state and national laws for process serving wage garnishment service in Aventura, we ensure that our servers complete process service effectively.

By enlisting Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers for your wage garnishment needs, our team helps clients go forward with their debt collection proceedings. To learn more about what we can offer you, contact our dedicated team today!