How Does Wage Garnishment Work?

Wage garnishment is an order from the court or a government agency that goes directly to an individual’s employer. This requires the employer to withhold money from this person’s paycheck, sending these funds directly to a creditor.

A variety of garnishment rules may apply to different types of debt. Florida law also imposes legal limitations on the amount of a person’s paycheck an entity may garnish. Wage garnishment is a specialized type of garnishment writ applicable only to the debtor’s earnings. Earnings that remain subject to wage garnishment include salary, hourly wages, bonuses, commission, and other associated forms of employee compensation.

After settling a garnishment in court, it remains wise to enlist a qualified and professional process server for their wage garnishment service in South Miami. They can deliver the writ of garnishment directly to the defendant.

By enlisting this professional, you can save money, as well as the most valuable commodity of all: time. Additionally, expert process serving companies wield the necessary skills and resources to ensure that this process of service goes off with minimal difficulty or impedance.

Wage Garnishment Service in South Miami Process

It is not uncommon that individuals fight against wage garnishment. Unfortunately, for these individuals, this means losing out on a portion of their hard-earned income. In many cases, this could represent a substantial blow to the individual’s funds.

For many creditors and other garnishing entities, serving individuals with a writ of garnishment may pose any number of notable challenges. Nevertheless, this is where wage garnishment service in South Miami from a professional process server can help.

By allowing an experienced team of professionals to handle the wage garnishment situation, you can experience a simplified and streamlined procedure. These companies regularly deal with such complications and ensure they keep you updated throughout.

Many process servers will additionally specialize in tracking down difficult-to-find individuals that would prefer to remain anonymous. Utilizing unique techniques like surveillance and skip tracing, they can serve even the most challenging target.

Courts and legal professionals may issues garnishments for numerous different reasons. Some of the most common include:

  • Alimony and child support
  • Money judgments
  • Loans
  • Rent
  • A creditor or debt satisfaction

When you enlist a process server for wage garnishment service in South Miami, the process requires minimal effort on your part. The company can serve the garnishment order on both the employer and employee as required to withhold the proper amount of money. Wage garnishment service in South Miami enables you to overcome or mitigate any potential garnishment issues while you focus your time on continuing business as normal.

Should You Garnish a Debtor’s Wages?

Threats of wage garnishment often result in significant motivation for a debtor to make arrangements to pay off their judgment. This is usually due to embarrassment and potential financial problems that can arise from a salary reduction.

Despite federal law barring an employer from firing an employee due to wage garnishment issues, most employees will still believe that wage garnishment hardly benefits them in the eyes of their bosses. Additionally, employers may legally terminate an employee for multiple wage garnishments from different judgments.

In some cases, wage garnishment may even push a debtor to quit their job or file for bankruptcy. It is important to balance this fine line between making significant progress towards collecting a debt, and closing off any possibility for collection.

While the good news remains that you won your case and the courts entered a judgment against the debtor, the work is not finished here. Collecting on these judgments is never an easy task, and the court will not collect this money for you.

Once you prepare your writ of garnishment, consider enlisting professional wage garnishment service in South Miami to make the process much easier. A process server will serve the writ in person, or to the resident acting agent in cases involving businesses.

Once the serve is completed, the process server will then return to you with a signed affidavit of service guaranteeing and outlining how, when, where, and to whom they completed the serve. This will ensure that they completed the process of service regarding the writ in a swift, efficient, and accurate manner.

Wage Garnishment Service in South Miami from Lightning Legal Couriers & Process Servers

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